Flamenco Danza Estilizada & Castanuela - halfgevorderden


Flamenco Danza Estilizada & Castanuela - halfgevorderden

23 November - 23 December 2020
20:00 - 21:00
Danshuis De Ingang (online zoom-class) Hurstweg 8 Ghent 9000 Belgium

Online class with Irene Alvarez. 

Danza Estilizada is a free composition of steps and choreographies based on popular regional Spanish dances, Escuela Bolera (studies 18th century Spanish dances called Goyescas) and Flamenco. The dancers trained in this style also enjoy a basic classical ballet. The dance is always accompanied by castanets.

Castanets are hand-held and produce a clicking sound or a rattling sound with rapid successive clicks. They provide the rhythmic basis for the dance and are usually played by the dancers and singers. With the movements of the hands and the use of castanets, the feelings of pain, sadness or happiness can be more expressed. The program includes specific technique and rhythmic exercises. Work is being done on the combination of dancing and playing the castanets.

Level: intermediate in castanets.
Requirements: own castanets and make sure you have a chair at hand.