Flamenco techniek - body & expression | minireeks Danshuis De Ingang


Flamenco techniek - body & expression | minireeks Danshuis De Ingang

19 October - 16 November 2020
18:50 - 19:50
Danshuis De Ingang Hurstweg 8 Ghent 9000 Belgium

You learn to express all the nuances you feel while dancing. How to express your emotions through the movement. You also train on the complete separation of arms, torso and hands while dancing.

Sevillian Irene Alvarez has more than 15 years of experience as a teacher. At the age of 9 she starts her training in classical Spanish dance with Matilde Coral at the "Real Conservatorio de Musica y Danza" in Seville. She graduated in 1993 and has since continued her training with dance greats such as El Güito, Manolo Marin, Javier Latorre, Isabel Bayón, José Galván, Pilar Ogalla, Angel Atienza and Manuel Betanzos. Building on the traditional Flamenco, she has developed her own unmistakable style that moves between an impulsive, sometimes quite modern expression, and the feminine elegance that is the hallmark of the Sevillian school.

In 1992 Irene appeared in Carlos Saura's Film "Sevillanas". She regularly performs in tablaos, international theaters and European festivals and likes to participate in cross-over projects.

In 2010 she founded her own "Cuadro Flamenco Irene Álvarez", with singer Carmen Fernandez and guitarist Alexander Gavilán.