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Publishing the work of renowned flamenco maestros

Supporting flamenco artists & aficionados by making distance learning accessible to everyone at great price!

La Sonanta’s Flamenco Master Classes are created in close collaboration with famous flamenco maestros. In this series these renowned maestros reveal the secrets behind their art. Starting from the basics, we use step by step exercises based on authentic CD compositions and choreographies. Following these clear lessons will enable you to reach the final level of our Flamenco Maestro Classes performing along with the Maestros’ stage performances.

  • Multicamera close-up views in one screen
  • Animated on screen compas
  • Subtitles
  • Authentic, never-before-released music sheets and tablatures
  • Interviews

The Flamenco Master Classes are also available on the La Sonanta HD streaming platform.

  • Learn from the famous at great price, anytime, anywhere
  • Stream to your TV, game console, PC, Mac, mobile or tablet
  • Awesome streaming, select one class or complete chapters just like a DVD
  • New classes coming all the time
  • Profit from authentic, never-before-released music sheets and tablatures
  • Watch your personal classes as often as you like.
  • No limitation, no membership fee, use for life
  • Create your own personal collections

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