Guitar string tie brown amber color

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No more tying with knots, no more string slipping and more sound. Tying strings has never been so easy. Makes changing strings a quick and easy process.
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No more tying with knots, no more string slipping and more sound 


String Tie Revolution
"Tying strings has never been so easy"
Makes changing strings a quick and easy process


String-Tie eliminates the protruding string ends. The knot is tied on the bead and not on the bridge, making it easier to tie and preventing scratches. Even the guitar sound is intensified, because the string isn't fastened directly onto the bridge and string tension is focused towards the bottom of the bridge (closer to the top). Prevents grooving of the bridge and scratching to the guitar body. Made of Galalith, a chemical-free, natural polymer derived from milk
Avoids string slippage and tuning problems. The best and most secure way to tie Classical and Flamenco guitar strings as well as other string instruments. Fast and easy to use. Dresses your guitar with a beautiful "jewel like finish", preserving the guitar's traditional look. Reuse it each time you change the strings. Three colors available amber tiger brown, ebony black and bone pearl white. Tiger brown, black or Pearl white. Hard to decide? Get them all 3 and mix and match.

  • 3 colors available amber tiger brown, ebony black and pearl white bone.
  • Perfect for every nylon string concert guitar
  • Alleviates bridge pressure
  • Prevents to scratch the guitar top
  • Avoides string slipping
  • Reduces tuning problems
  • Material: Galalith
  • 6 pcs


€ 16.75

Two new cristal clear nylon trebles (E-1,B-2), an alliance KF carbon G-3 string to get more body than a complete set of carbon nylon strings and silver plated basses wound on a new multifilament core. Savarez and Tomatito specially crafted them for the immediate and precise response, the projection and the particular sounds each flamenco player is looking for. The velocity is much easier. The flamenco playing with its rasgueado, alzapúa, picado… is free and secure. The strings benefit from new materials and treatments, and state of the art technologies which insure their high quality and long lasting.

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